If grief is the universal language of suffering, then music is its universal medicine.

For most people, an uplifting instrumental helps heal the soul better than any words a person can utter. The complicated part is that human beings are so different in the types of music they find most uplifting to them. Some people are encouraged by smooth jazz, others need a charging beat, still others prefer a classical choir with pipe organ accompaniment.

Whatever style lifts your spirit, choose to engage with it. Play that CD, download an MP3, connect to a music service. Use music for your emotional and spiritual recovery. This has been a remedy for heavy hearts across the millennia. For example, when King Saul experienced spiritual despair, he had David play his lyre to comfort him (1 Samuel 16:14-23). The takeaway is to recognize that music can help you heal, and then take action to discover what type of tune works best for you.

When we are grieving, words of compassion come from those around us who are socially astute, a listening ear is provided by a friend, but the gift of music is the ministry of angels.

While I'm not sure if my musical tastes are similar to yours, below are a few songs that I have found encouraging when I have experienced hardships in my life.

by Brian & Jenn Johnson

by The Belonging Co. ft. Lauren Daigle

by Hillsong Worship

by Phil Wickham

by Vertical Worship

by Ryan Ellis

If you have a song that you've found to be particularly helpful or encouraging to you during a difficult time in your life, feel free to share it with me by visiting the Contact page.

Martin Luther (German priest and Reformation leader)

"Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world." -- Martin Luther