This website is a culmination of the life experiences and ministry work of Richard Featherstone. (To learn more about my story, visit the Author page.)

Working as a medical center chaplain I respond to a variety of traumatic and emotionally distressing incidents on a regular basis. What I have found, over and over again, is that many of us are unprepared and unsupported in the grief experience. More importantly we don't understand what it is.

When tragedy strikes it can feel like reality as we've known it is in the process of ending. We know that life will never be the same, but we wonder, and daringly hope, that there might be a way to slowly achieve some semblance of physical and emotional recovery. If you are in this situation--suffering in silence, but hopeful for healing-- know that you are welcome here.

Grief.Place has a dual meaning. The word "place" in the title is a location, a virtual gathering spot for those who are grieving. I encourage those who are experiencing suffering to make this a space to visit when needed, and perhaps even connect with others for support. The word "place" in the title is also a verb, it's an action that those who are grieving can do. The grief you carry can be placed on Jesus Christ.

This sounds cliché and overly simplistic. But the radical perspective I am offering here is that Jesus doesn't erase our grief. God doesn't intend to take away our suffering as if it never existed. He doesn't want you to return to where you were before the tragedy or the bad news. Instead, God wants to transform you through this grief. Suffering is the key that unlocks the door you could never pass through before. Beyond this door is the opportunity to set out on a new journey. God has allowed this pain in your life not because He doesn't care about you, but because He has plans for you. More importantly, He has a mission for you. As soon as you understand this reality and accept it, you will be able to begin the journey ahead of you. Just remember that preparing for the journey takes time, this truly is a process.

This website has been created to help you move forward in this process. To prepare you on the journey ahead I am constantly crafting and developing four areas of the website:

  1. Resources that can help you manage grief.

  2. Social connection opportunities to provide encouragement and support.

  3. Biblical insights to help you connect better with God.

  4. Suggestions for ways you can be a blessing to others.

Visit regularly to view updates and explore new resources. Begin with the Start Here section. And use the Contact page to share your thoughts on how I can improve this website.

-C. S. Lewis (British author and Christian intellectual)

"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." -- C. S. Lewis

Source: The Problem of Pain. New York: Macmillan, 1962.

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Cover Photo: Egzon Muliqi via Unsplash

C. S. Lewis Photo: Encyclopædia Britannica